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Some People Need Less Sleep At Night

By: Nigel Cairns
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Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 Time: 6:33 PM

For many, beds are seldom thought about when it comes to sleeping. Instead, many focus on whether there is are any sleep disorders. Others focus on trying to achieve a specific number of hours for rest.

There are many theories on just how many hours are needed nightly. Some claim eight, while others may claim as many as ten per night. There are also theories that some may need far less than this amount.

How Long Should Adults Spend Sleeping In Beds?

It is commonly held that the average adult needs at least eight hours. That means for every night, eight consecutive hours must be sleep. This number is often not possible due to many different factors.

While this number is an average, it is not true for all adults. Some have discovered that they may need less or more rest than others. This amount can be affected by conditions such as bedding quality.

Poor mattress quality can have an immediate negative effect on rest. When lumps or groove form, it makes the bedding feel very uneven. This will often encourage frequent shifting or tossing while sleeping.

This is commonly experienced as mattresses age and lose firmness. Box springs are often known to lose their ability to bounce back. They may begin to form uncomfortable spots due to regular body weight.

Those who feel they are not rested may tend to stay in bed longer. This can often exaggerate sleeping problems such as chronic insomnia. It may also cause additional grogginess when waking in the morning.

What Can Cause Frequent Difficulty With Sleeping?

Frequent trouble sleeping is something that should be addressed. In order to address it, the root problem should first be discovered. For some this may be due to the quality of their existing beds.

Low comfort is one of the main causes for getting less rest at night. Discomfort may arise due to weak or sagging spots in the mattress. This can cause regular awakening and lead to trouble falling asleep.

Temperature changes can also have a big impact on sleeping quality. Some may be unable to rest when they become too hot while in bed. This is often caused by bedding material that traps too much heat.

This common occurrence leaves many feeling they do not rest enough. This may lead to earlier bedtimes or rising later in the morning. For those who need less rest than others, this can be problematic.

Those who need less than eight hours a night need to sleep solidly. This makes every hour equally important when trying to be well rested. This prompts many to find a better way to increase nighttime comfort.

Tips For Getting Better Quality Rest Every Night

Those looking to improve their sleeping need to consider their bed. Mattresses should be checked for heavy wear spots or sagging areas. These may be possible to correct through padding or replacement.

The bedding material should be able to help control temperature. Some may help distribute heat while others can help disperse it. This means that sleepers will be less likely to overheat as quickly.

A new mattress can also create a more soothing oasis in a bedroom. For those who need less sleep, this can improve time spent in bed. Beds should be selected to create a peaceful and restful location.

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