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How Sleep Affects Your Life

By: Nigel Cairns
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Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2011 Time: 5:58 AM

Beds are the best ally when it comes to getting better sleep at night. They provide a comfortable and supportive frame for any body type. Keeping the bedding up to date is a big part in getting good sleep.

A poor quality mattress can lead to problems sleeping down the road. This may include insomnia as well as trouble focusing during the day. Other sleep disorders may manifest after sleeping on a bad mattress.

How Beds Can Affect Every Day Tasks And Functions

Many may not be aware that their bed can affect their daily life. Low rest quality can have a dramatic impact on every day activities. This can lead to problems with functioning at work or during errands.

Not sleeping well often leads to feeling sluggish or fatigued all day. Many have experienced this at some point but some feel it every day. Over weeks or months, this can become a difficult to treat problem.

Sleep disorders may also contribute to feeling sluggish all day. It may feel as though the brain is trapped in a fog or haze for hours. Others may feel as though they just need a few more hours of sleep.

Some may experience trouble falling asleep when they are tired. While they may feel exhausted, they may stay awake longer than normal. This is how sleeping related disorders begin to form for some adults.

Nighttime concerns include staying awake long after a normal bedtime. Some may stay in bed awake for hours, unable to start sleeping. This type of behavior can be habit forming if it continues for long.

Many may overlook the simple solution of updating their bedding. Many use their beds long past the expected life of the material. Some of the older styles were not meant to withstand long term use.

Advances to bedding material has created longer lasting mattresses. Many of these will retain their shape for years even with heavy use. There is often no need to turn or flip them as with older styles.

The benefit to this is that the mattress top will bounce back rapidly. Many are temperature sensitive and will spring back after cooling. This often creates a pleasant experience and a good night of rest.

An aging mattress may also increase nighttime allergies for some. This is because dust and other allergens will accumulate over time. Without proper cleaning, this can cause sneezing and sore throats.

A Good Bed Can Be The Key To Being Productive

Waking and feeling rested can have a dramatic impact on productivity. For some this can mean having more energy for errands and work. This can be essential for those who have very demanding lifestyles.

Many experience fewer aches and pains associated with lumpy bedding. A mattress that bounces back does not form lumps or bumpy spots. This is ideal for those who have back pain that forms while sleeping.

More supportive bedding can be ideal for those who have back pain. With proper support, many begin to experience less frequent pain. This often leads to having more energy and flexibility during the day.

Supportive does not always have to mean very firm mattress padding. Flexible and soft options, such as memory foam, can also be used. Beds can be found to match any softness or firmness preference.

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