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Create An Outdoor Lounge With Bean Bag Furniture

By: Debra DeBoer
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Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2013 Time: 7:48 AM

Warm weather often creates a strong desire to spend more time outdoors. There are many activities that can be done outdoors, such as reading a book, sunbathing, or even just taking a light nap in a comfortable chair.

Many do this by spreading a blanket on the ground or sit in a lawn chair, but these have many disadvantages such as being uncomfortable, dirty, and prone to issues like bugs or sagging seats.

Say Goodbye To Sagging And Lumpy Furniture

Sagging and lumpy seats happen when the seating is old or made of low quality materials. Unfortunately, these problems tend to get worse over time, which is why it is important to purchase a good seat from the start.

Wood chairs are often a good choice, but many are finding that bean bag furniture is a better value because they are easier to care for, and tend to last longer without the risk of breaking or looking worn out.

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When considering this type of seating, always make sure that it is outdoor bean bag furniture and not regular styles because they are made from different materials that may affect their lifespan.

Outdoor rated styles typically have a weatherproof material that protects them from rain, snow, and the sun. This means they will last much longer and require less upkeep.

Pick A Great Location In The Yard

It's been said before - location is everything, and that applies to outdoor lounges as well! The location is important to consider because it will affect how much sun or shade is available while outdoors.

Those who prefer the shade have two options - pick a location in the yard that either has good tree cover or is on a side of the home that does not receive a lot of sunlight during the day, or add their own shade.

Adding shade is much easier than it sounds - it's as simple as putting up a large umbrella. There are several advantages when choosing this method, such as being able to open or close it if sun is desired.

The umbrella can also be useful for days that are still bright enough to be outside but are still a bit damp or rainy. This makes it easier to still be outdoors but not have to worry about getting wet.

Another advantage to having portable shade like this is that it will also protect the bean bag outdoor furniture because it will not be exposed to rain and sun as often, so the colors and fabric will last longer.

Don't Forget The Little Things

No outdoor lounge is complete until it has great drinks and incredible food to go along with the comfortable seating. Drinks and food can be as simple or elaborate as desired, the only limit is budget and imagination!

Other key little touches include a small reading lamp, or even a few strands of outdoor lights to add a little more atmosphere to the lounge area. As a bonus, the lighting can also make it easier to sit outside at night!

Other small touches that will go a long way may include adding some decorative plants or flowers that match the bean bag furniture to make the lounge look even more inviting.

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