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Add A Unique Touch To Every Room With Wood Flooring

By: Eric Hurst
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Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2011 Time: 2:39 AM

Wood flooring can be used to give any room its own personality. The type of material used can have a big impact on the personality. Special colors and finished may also give a unique touch to floors.

Almost any room in the home can benefit from adding a new floor. Unfinished options can be used as part of a custom renovation project. Easy to install prefinished sections may be used for a quick update.

Add A Touch Of The Exotic With New Wood Flooring

Exotic woods, such as Brazilian cherry, bring a touch of elegance. Brazilian cherry is a favorite due to its hard and durable nature. The material is very hard, which can resist cracking or damage.

Many Brazilian exotics are available, creating more floor options. Teak is another popular choice, as it is one of the hardest available. Teak is suitable for those who have extremely high traffic areas.

High traffic can quickly damage material that is not quite as hard. Scuffs and wear marks may begin to form after years of traffic. Teak resists many of these and will continue to shine for many years.

Many of the exotics feature richly blended brown and red tones. These offer a more sophisticated look than more traditional types. These may be used in a simple pattern or in a herringbone pattern.

Get A Vintage Feel With Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring

A vintage look is something that appeals to many looking to renovate. Vintage has a timeless appeal that can be mixed or matched easily. Many also choose to blend vintage with contemporary for a new look.

Hand scraped wood flooring has a more aged and rustic appearance. The distressed appearance makes them a popular choice for many. They are frequently used in living rooms, entryways and basements.

Some find reclaimed wood appealing but want a brand new material. In order to provide this, the planks are individually hand scraped. This gives the material a high level of character that appears aged.

Many machine distressed planks have uniform and unoriginal markings. The long process of hand distressing creates more original markings. This creates a more personal and warm feeling for any new flooring.

Additions such as worm holes and deeper grooves can also be created. Splits may also be added for more unique character for the floor. These are used to create an even more worn appearance for the wood.

Give Hardwood Floors A Personally Finished Touch

Unfinished flooring presents an opportunity for personal expression. Unfinished often means that it has not been fully sanded or stained. It is often finished in the home before or after the installation.

Those who have recently renovated may prefer an unfinished option. Once floor planks have been sanded, they can be custom stained. This allows homeowners a chance to match existing decor or furniture.

A custom stained wood floor can make a dramatic statement in any room. A rich cherry may be chosen, or a deep mahogany to match furniture. Some may also chose a custom blend to get a truly unique appearance.

The custom color may also be applied to any unfinished furniture. This is often chosen by those wanting a completely new appearance. Accessory pieces may be chosen to coordinate with the wood flooring.

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