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What Are The Key Benefits Of Hardwood Floors?

By: Eric Hurst
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Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2011 Time: 10:30 AM

Hardwood floors are an increasingly popular choice for many homes. They are durable and last for many years with proper maintenance. They also provide many other benefits when compared to carpeting.

The key benefits include being more earth-friendly and easy to reuse. Other benefits include long life and many colors to choose from. Exotic woods are also available for those seeking a unique appearance.

Hardwood Floors Are Better For The Environment

Earth-friendliness is one of the biggest benefits of choosing wood. They do not need synthetic fibers as they are made from natural wood. The material is simply harvested and lightly processed or treated.

Light processing may include hand finishes or machine polishing. Hand finished, such as hand scraping, creates a unique appearance. These hardwood floors appear distressed, similar to reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed lumber is ideal for those wanting to have a greener home. Reclaimed planks are those that come from other projects or floors. They are usually lightly finished to ensure many more years of use.

After the end life of the flooring, the planks can be reclaimed. Some may choose to use the planks for projects, such as garden beds. Some may also choose to refinish them in order to extend the life.

Hardwood Flooring Will Last Longer Than Carpet

The extremely long life is what attracts many to wood flooring. Good quality planks can last for decades when properly cared for. There is no need to replace them every few years, unlike carpeting.

Many of the harder woods resist damage that comes with normal traffic. Wear spots are often slow to form, even in areas of higher traffic. For those with a busy house, this can be a money saving choice.

The upkeep on flooring is also lower than many other floor choices. As there are no fibers, dust and other materials do not get trapped. This removes the need for regular shampooing and chemical treatments.

A simple broom or duster can be used to remove any surface dirt. Stains and spills can be picked up with a paper towel or other cloth. Many of the treated planks may also have a stain resistant coating.

Many signs of frequent wear, such as scuffs, can be buffed or sanded. Instead of replacing the flooring, spots can be sanded and refinished. This light upkeep can help keep the floors looking new for many years.

Wood Flooring Can Match Nearly Every Decor Style

Variety is another key benefit to using hardwood flooring in homes.There are a number of woods available that can match any decor. These range from classic oak and walnut to exotic Brazilian hardwoods.

Prefinished planks are available in both light and dark coloring. Many feature mixed tones that combine both light and dark finishes. These variations may be hand finished, or naturally in the material.

Solid colors may also be used for planks, such as solid white oak. Solids are often chosen for their rich and uniform floor appearance. These planks are often found in warmer colors that enhance rooms.

Creative options, such as hand scraped, may also be chosen for rooms. The rough and rustic appearance lends itself well to many styles. These hardwood floors are often chosen for high traffic family rooms.

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