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Top Products For The Rainbow Vacuum Water Pan

By: Steve Morgret
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Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2014 Time: 10:27 PM

One of the best parts of owning a water based vacuum is that there are so many products available for it. These products include fragrances, deep carpet cleansers, and even deodorizing options that can revive carpets.

Some of these options are for special purposes, such as removing deeply ground in dirt, but there are some that are absolute must-haves that every Rainbow owner should have in their home!

An Everyday Cleaner For Rugs And Carpets

The most popular product for a water based household cleaning tool is an everyday cleaner for carpets and rugs. Products like this are gentle enough for all types of carpet, yet are still tough on dirt and most stains.

The Aquamate carpet cleaner is one of the best products for all purpose usage because it can deodorize, recondition, and protect carpets at the same time, without the need for a separate product.

To use this product, add the recommended amount to the water pan and start vacuuming, paying attention to any areas on the carpet that need a little extra care, such as a spill or a high traffic area.

Deep Cleaners To Break Up Stubborn Stains

If your floors have stubborn stains or extremely heavy wear and tear on them, then a stronger product may need to be added to the Rainbow vacuum water pan in order to get them clean again.

For areas like this, the Rexafoamer is often the best choice because it can be used to shampoo and deep clean those stubborn spots without having to resort to scrubbing on your hands and knees just to get it clean.

The advantage of using a deep cleanser like this with an electrical household appliance is that it is designed to quickly break down the stains and revitalize the floor, leaving them looking better in mere minutes.

To use the Rexafoamer, simply add a few drops to the water pan, and clip on the correct attachment. Once this has been done, the next step is to start breaking up those tough stains!

Most may find it is easier to start in one corner of the room and slowly work their way out, that way the entire floor is clean by the time they are finished shampooing it.

However, if only one section of the carpet is stained or worn looking, then it may be a good idea to start there and work through the stains, and then shampoo the entire floor afterwards.

The reason for this is that the initial focus on the stained area will lift the majority of the stains, and going over it a second time while cleaning the rest of the floor will lift any residue that came loose or was left behind.

Fragrances For Every Room In The Home

Fragrances are one of the most popular products because they add a touch of freshness to the air while vacuuming. The fragrances are added to the water pan before vacuuming, often in addition to other products.

Unlike air fresheners or candles, there are far more fragrance options available. Fragrances range from soft and subtle like clean linen or vanilla to exotic and unique like eucalyptus or spice blends.

One option with this product is to choose one fragrance to use for the entire home. Doing this means simply filling the basin, adding the fragrance, and vacuuming room to room with no interruptions.

Another option is to use a different fragrance in every room. To do this, simply rinse the Rainbow vacuum water pan and refill it, then add a few drops of the new fragrance.

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