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Go Beyond The Garden With Greenhouses For The Home

By: Whitney Segura
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Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 Time: 9:20 AM

Greenhouses make it possible to grow most plants anywhere or anytime. They come in many sizes and shapes to fit almost any space available. Accessories may be added to create more options for growing plants.

These special plant shelters allow for better control over conditions. This includes humidity, temperature and lighting within the area. They also provide protection against adverse weather conditions.

Garden Greenhouses Provide More Reliable Conditions

Some climates have rapidly changing weather conditions during summer. It may rain heavily some days then stay very dry for weeks at a time. This can lead to poor performance for gardens without heavy watering.

Those who live in colder climates may also experience some issues. It may not be warm enough to grow some plant species during summer. For many, this means having to find a way to adapt to the climate.

A greenhouse can be used to create a shelter with stable conditions. Accessories, such as heaters, can keep the plants warm in any weather. This allows for more options in areas where the weather is colder.

A popular use for these structures is starting seedlings earlier. Rack designs have shelves that can be used for multiple seed trays. This can give gardeners a chance to get their seeds prepared early.

For some, this early sprouting can lead to faster yields on crops. Tomatoes and vegetables that take time to grow can be started sooner. For some, this can mean enjoying fruit or vegetables weeks earlier.

Small Greenhouses Can Be Used In Most Sizes Of Yards

A common misconception is that a greenhouse takes up a lot of space. While some structures are very large, there are many smaller ones. Smaller structures can be used for a small yard or a patio area.

For very small spaces, a rack design is one of the most popular. These are similar to baker's racks, and have several small shelves. Seed trays or potted plants can then be placed on the shelves to grow.

Longer styles, such as walk ins, are popular when space permits it. These are similar to commercial grade versions and house many plants. Some models are smaller and are able to fit in most backyard areas.

Walk in models can be used for growing lush flowers for cut displays. They may also be used to prepare seeds or house propagated plants. Some may also use them to grow succulents or delicate exotic flowers.

Grow Better Plants In Apartments With Mini Greenhouses

Apartments present special challenges for those who want a garden. Space is often limited, and may only allow for a few feet at most. Those who live on second floors find they have more challenges.

Many have adapted to container gardening for any type of plants. This can be affected by the sun exposure as well as time of year. In some areas, it may not be possible to get a full growing season.

One way to adapt to this is to use a greenhouse to shelter plants. The easiest way to do this is to use a growing rack style setup. These can often be placed in the corner of a balcony or patio area.

Portable greenhouses are often the best choice for small spaces. They can be easily set up and can be moved when it becomes necessary. Portable versions may also be stored easier than other greenhouses.

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