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How To Turn A Backyard Into A Garden With Greenhouses

By: Whitney Segura
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Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2011 Time: 12:16 PM

Greenhouses are one of the best ways to get a spectacular garden. Plants are typically larger and produce better blooms every year. Seedlings can also get a boost from having a better place to start.

Almost any type of plant can be grown in a free standing greenhouse. Flowering species are among the most popular for many gardeners. Exotic flowering species may also be grown in climate controlled kits.

Determine How Much Space Is Available For Greenhouses

The amount of yard space determines how big the greenhouse can be. Those with larger yards are often able to have a larger kit installed. Smaller yards may do best with more compact models, or stacked ones.

For most smaller gardens, a 3'x5' kit can provide sufficient space. These often include shelves and the necessary protective covering. A number of potted plants can be added to shelves or to the floor.

Slightly larger models, such as 5'x5' can be used for more space. These slightly larger models can be used to grow a large garden. Both seedlings and starters can be grown in them during early spring.

A greenhouse can give seedlings and starters time to grow strong. Roots can begin to form early, often long before the last frost. This can give gardeners a head start when preparing their garden.

Add Greenhouse Kits For An Easy To Set Up Garden

Basic models are often easy to set up, even with no experience. Many can be built within a few hours or less, depending on size. This makes greenhouse kits accessible to any level of gardener.

Many kits come with everything necessary to get a garden started. Most models come with shelves that can be used to house plants. This reduces the amount of accessories necessary to get started.

In many zones, a basic kit is all that is needed to start growing. However, in cooler climates, special accessories may be needed. These often include heaters that are used to keep temperatures even.

Heaters are one of the easiest ways to keep plants warm year round. A heater can be used to provide controlled temperatures in any season. It is recommended for areas where the temperature varies greatly.

A heater may also be recommended for starting seeds in the winter. Proper climate controlling can provide ample heat for sprouts to grow. Many find that greenhouses lead to strong plants for the spring.

Get Better Results By Finding Greenhouses For Sale

Many of the greenhouses for sale can help produce better plants. This is done by keeping away pests and encouraging strong growth. This can save money as well as time when it comes to gardening.

Common garden pests can quickly destroy an entire bed of flowers. To prevent plant pests, many have to use harsh chemical treatments. This can be costly, and may not always be an effective solution.

The protective screens keep out many of the common garden insects. There is little to no need for chemical treatments inside the kit. This can save crops, flowers and other plants from being eaten.

Protective coverings also protect against harsh weather conditions. Droughts, baking heat and high winds can all damage a garden easily. Well built greenhouses can protect against all of these conditions.

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