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How To Select Shaped Sympathy Flower Arrangements

By: Matthew
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Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2011 Time: 2:00 PM

Shaped sympathy flower arrangements are a good way to show respect. They come in many different shapes, such as hearts, stars and circles. These typically feature a combination of blooms, ribbons and leaves.

Nearly any bloom can be used, such as roses, lilies or mixed flowers. This makes it possible to add other symbolism or meanings to wreaths. Possible meanings can include serenity, lasting peace or true love.

Choose The Right Shape For Sympathy Flower Arrangements

The shape is important when it comes to sympathy funeral flowers. Some of the shapes are more appropriate than others in some cases. The shape can also have an impact on the meaning or visual display.

Heart shaped displays are typically used when a loved one has passed. These may be sent by those who were very close to the deceased. The heart adds the symbolism of love and deep ties between friends.

Circular wreaths are a more common sight for shaped floral displays. They offer a simple yet powerful show of respect and condolences. Circular wreaths are often appropriate for the funeral of a friend.

Pick The Appropriate Color For Sympathy Funeral Flowers

The color of the sympathy flower arrangement is also important. The colors should always be chosen with respect and good taste. For this reason, white and more somber shades are often popular.

White blooms are customary as they represent peace and respect. Peace lilies, white carnations and white roses are often popular. They offer a simple yet elegant display that is always appropriate.

Red roses are another classic staple for any funeral flower display. Deeper reds are typically chosen for the roses whenever possible. These may be used as the only blooms, such as a rich red rose wreath.

Some exceptions to color do exist, such as bright memorial displays. In these floral displays, brighter mixed blooms are typically used. These will often include a spring or summer mixture of flowers.

Other brighter and solid color floral wreaths are also possible. Rich purples may be used to create hearts or circular wreaths. These may feature leaves as a background or other colored blooms.

Find A Good Way To Display A Sympathy Flower Arrangement

The display is another important consideration as wreaths are large. A standing easel display is often used as it can stand on its own. This makes it easier to place the wreaths around the service area.

When several wreaths are used, they can be placed around the casket. One at each end is often typical, or several creating a half circle. They may be arranged by color, or by the shape, to create more unity.

Some may also choose to hang the wreath on the wall at the service. This is often subject to whether hanging hardware is available. Standing wreath hooks may also be used if easels are not available.

When there are many wreaths, some may choose to a wider placement. Some may be placed at intervals around the memorial service area. This can include corners, near the casket, or near the main entrance.

After the service, the wreaths are often carried to the burial site. They may be placed on top of the casket, or near the resting place. Sympathy flower arrangements may also be taken home after services.

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