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What Are FTD Florists Online?

By: Matthew
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Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011 Time: 11:56 PM

Florists' Transworld Delivery (FTD) has two main businesses. One delivers flowers and other gifts for consumers, while the other markets services to FTD florists. It is the consumer end of the business for which FTD is best known.

The Mercury Man is a century-old symbol of speedy fresh flower delivery anywhere in the world. More than 20,000 retail florists in North America are members of FTD.

Worldwide affiliation spans nearly 154 countries and includes close to 50,000 retailers. FTD has the highest consumer recognition of any floral brand on the market. It's synonymous with speed, quality and reliability.

When you place an order with an FTD florist online, it's given via computer to the FTD florist nearest the delivery point. The order is prepared by the remote florist and shipped out immediately. This means fresher flowers and faster delivery.

In addition to blooms, FTD florists online sell plants, wine, chocolate, coffee, jewelry, china, gift baskets, stuffed toys, even spa gifts.

How Did FTD Florist Delivery Service Originate?

The FTD was originally incorporated in 1910 when fifteen U.S. florists joined forces at a Society of American Florists convention and decided that cooperation would be more profitable than competition.

John Valentine, a Denver lawyer and wholesale florist, led the group in an agreement to exchange out-of-town orders with each other to provide speedier deliveries and fresher products.

Using the telegraph, the FTD florist closest to the delivery location would fulfill the order.

Valentine also wanted to establish the retail flowers business in the U.S. by establishing a strong florists' nonprofit cooperative. Until then, the industry had been dominated by large growers and wholesalers.

The original company was called Florists' Telegraph Delivery (FTD) and, because the spirit of cooperation did increase delivery speed, FTD chose the winged Mercury Man, quicksilver messenger of the gods, as its logo in 1912.

By 1914, FTD had grown to 200 members and introduced its famous “Say It With Flowers” marketing campaign. In 1924, the company developed the FTD Clearinghouse. It handled more than 460,000 FTD orders during its first year.

By the end of the 1930s, over 2.1 million orders annually were being processed through the Clearinghouse. By 1965, FTD expanded its services to include international orders. It was then that FTD changed its name to Florists' Transworld Delivery.

The 1990s brought a 24/7 floral ordering service called 800-SEND-FTD, as well as a custom website for members called FTD Florists Online. In 1994, FTD developed www.ftd.com as another way for customers to order flowers quickly and conveniently.

By 1999, FTD had merged www.ftd.com and 800-SEND-FTD into a single company called FTD.COM. It is a privately-owned company with a virtual monopoly on the flower market.

A nonprofit cooperative from 1910-1994, FTD became a for-profit private enterprise in 1994 via a merger with Perry Capital. FTD is based in Downers Grove, IL, USA.

Benefits For Retailers

The FTD florist delivery has become one of the most popular ways to send gifts, especially on holidays or at the last minute. Cooperation is still more lucrative than competition, at least for an FTD florist online.

When a retailer signs on to become an FTD affiliate, it gets immediate access to the advertising, marketing, brand recognition and support of an industry giant. This enviably strong position is one with which independent retailers cannot possibly hope to compete.

About the Company

Avas Flowers is a family owned and operated professional florist company guaranteeing satisfaction on every flower order customers send for delivery in the US and internationally.

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