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Dress Kids To Impress With Costume Discounters Coupon Codes

By: Wendy Burns
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Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 Time: 2:49 AM

Halloween is more affordable with costume discounters coupon codes. Families with several kids can save on unique costumes for everyone. Group outfits are also possible for a coordinating family look.

Discounts can be found on almost every costume and accessory type. For children's costumes, accessories are often part of the fun. They add flair to any character, from pirates to cowboys or animals.

Find Boy's Outfits With Costume Discounters Coupon Codes

Superheros and action characters are among the most popular for boys. These Halloween costumes are classics and are very popular every year. They often require few accessories, ideal for those on a budget.

Some superhero costumes include a padded set of muscles for boys. The soft foam padding creates the illusion of having super muscles. This can often enhance any costume, making it look and feel more real.

Special accessory pieces may also be used to create a better outfit. Boys wanting to be a pirate know a swashbuckling sword is important. Though plastic, the swords can be painted to look more realistic.

Costume Discounters coupon codes can be used for special effects. Vinyl and latex special effects pieces are frequently used for skin. These can be used to create the appearance of a real scar or wound.

Makeup can be added to enhance the look of the fake wound or scar. Fake blood may also be added to make wounds look fresh and oozing. This can make any boy's character look more realistic on Halloween.

Find The Best Halloween Costumes For Younger Girls

For girls, Halloween costumes tend to run toward fantasy characters. Disney princesses are among the most popular with all ages of girls. The outfits are often elaborate looking and have a fairytale feel.

Many of the princess outfits are based on popular movie characters. Princesses often have several accessories included with the outfit. Accessories typically include a wand, slippers and a sparkly tiara.

Older girls may prefer to dress up in more modern and fun costumes. Decade themes, such as 80s, are often popular with young teenagers. The bright 80s colors are used for both clothes and accessories.

Vintage costume styles are also popular, such as the classic 50s. A bright poodle skirt and horn rimmed glasses create the perfect look. Car and soda hop outfits are another top choice for girls to wear.

Dress Up Babies With A Costume Discounters Coupon Code

Dressing babies is easy with a Costume Discounters coupon code. Halloween outfits are typically whimsical, such as flowers or animals. These are often a full pajama style outfit that the baby can wear.

These pajama style outfits are easy to keep on the baby all day. The feet are typically kept covered while the hands are left free. A headpiece or hat may be attached, or worn as a separate piece.

Many animal kits have ears and tails already sewn onto the clothing. Separate kits are suitable for older babies, such as young toddlers. The separate ears and tails can be attached and detached quickly.

For newborns, a bunting style outfit can be the perfect costume. They are easy to clean and come in many fun, whimsical designs. Costume discounters coupon codes can be used on many of these outfits.

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